Friday, February 10, 2012

32 Kit gun step one

It was never my intention to swap out grips on my 32 Hand Ejector. However today I stopped in at a consignment shop a couple towns over and found this nice set of Herrett grips. Really they were meant to go on a post 1953 Chiefs special or 22 Kit Gun. For $6.00 I took a chance. They fit pretty nice. There is a small gap at the backstrap where the newer guns is longer than mine. I can live with that seeing it's only a 32 that barely recoils. Other than that I only need to dimple the back of the right stock where it sits high because of one of the sideplate screws. The next modification will be an adjustable rear sight. I'm thinking a Wondersight because it won't require any permanant modifications to the gun. Also because it has a vintage cool look to it. Which wouldn't matter at all if it wouldn't do the job.

I also managed to pick up a really nice vintage 22 caliber cartridge belt for another $6.00 while I was there. It almost fits me even, which is rare for old time stuff. Our forefathers were usually much smaller than the current generation. I can make a small extender from another old belt if I use it. The main reason I bought it was to use it as a pattern to make a similar one for 32 caliber cartridges. Most of the belts I've seen had sewn cartridge loops, which is beyond my abilities. This one however is only sewn on the end loops. All the loops in between are woven into the belt itself. I may even try to eliminate a few of the end loops in order to stretch these out to 32 caliber. Though I will probably just leave it alone and use it as a pattern for a new one. I may just also try my hand at a home made flap holster while I'm at it.



pelenaka said...

Mi espouso, aseg├║rese de no perder esta uno... muah.

woodsrunner said...

Don't worry my darling. I learned the hard way about sharing my toys with my wife!