Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pictures of my newest toys

Got to the range today. Took along three of my four most recent firearm aquisitions. Started out with the CZ452FS. Still looking for ammo it really likes  Shot it today with Remington Target and Remington Golden Bulk ammo. Pic is of my two best groups at 50yds. The orange dot is 1.25"

Also took the S&W 32 Hand Ejector I loaded for last night. Still trying to get used to the light weight and tiny thin sights on this gun. Last time I shot it, it would put 6 shots into 3" at 15 paces. That was shooting double action slow fire. Today we were sharing the range with other shooters, so all pistol shooting was at 25yds. Lets just say it will put them all on a piece of writing paper at that range. Oddly like the other gun I took today I shoot it best double action rather than single action. The third gun taken was a S&W model 36 with a 3" barrel. If you were a burgler in my house, this is what you would find greeting you. Yes I have bigger guns, and semi autos with more shots. But, this one goes bang every time I pull the trigger and when it goes bang I hit what it's pointed at. It only has 5 shots. I only need one. It's also easier to train everyone in the house revolver use.
After shooting the club we were at had a venison dinner. The home made venison pastrami was pretty awesome. I got the recipe from the guy that made it. The roasts from my next deer will probably end up as pastrami. The venison stew served as the main course was OK. I'm not a big stew person.

All in all it was a good day. Even if it was blowing cold and snowing.



Le Loup said...

25 yds is not very far!

woodsrunner said...

It is when your front sight isn't much thicker than a razor blade and your rear is just a tiny little groove. Don't forget this gun is small in spite of it's 4" barrel it's still a pocket gun meant for shooting at 10-15 paces. I bought a refinished gun on purpose though. It's going to get better sights so it can be used as a "kitgun".