Monday, February 20, 2012

The Ten Box Challenge and a give away

When I met my wife six years ago I had no concern about space. I owned a four bedroom house, with a 18x30 foot two story barn, on half an acre of land. Lots of room for one person and his possessions. Then I met Pelenaka. She had three children and a much smaller house and a really tiny piece of land. I moved my lifes accumulations into a 8x16 storage space and a rickety 11x16 foot single story garage. To say the least I liquidated alot of my stuff then. Much of what I kept was buried in a inaccessable jumble. I still have alot of stuff. Some of which I haven't had access to for 5+ years. While I like alot of this stuff, I haven't missed alot of it either. In my house I had a whole room devoted to guns, fishing poles, and related tools and accessories. On top of that I had/have a refference library that many firearms historians would envy. Most of my things are stored in that rickety garage. A garage that sits under a very old silver maple tree, that has seen it's best days pass. So, I find myself in a situation. Any value that is stored  as stuff in that garage is at risk of being wiped out. All it takes is one strong gust of wind or a sudden ice storm to wipe out alot of value. Not missing some of this stuff the past 5 years, I've decided to get rid of most of it. Cash it out! Get rid of it. Put the proceeds into something more useful.

My goal is to have my personal possessions fit into ten boxes. Not the families stuff, just my stuff. My tool box will be a box as will the gun safe. At the end even a few of the guns may leave.  It's time to simplify. Simplify to have more access to the things I want to keep. Simplify to generate funds for something that's more important to me. I've managed to stash enough cash away for a small down payment on a piece of land. Every cent added gets me closer to a place to hunt, camp and cut firewood.  The country boy has been trapped in the city for over 5 years and needs a place he can detox.

While most of this stuff will go directly to ebay or gunbroker, some of it will be offered up here first. So keep an eye out. I will even be giving some stuff away.

And that my friends brings me to the second part of this post. Several years ago Pelenaka pulled a paperback copy of Dolly Freeds "Possum Living" from the discard pile at a local library. we already have a copy. This one has had it's cover torn off of it. It's a reading copy, nothing more. In one week I will randomly pick a name and it will be on it's way to that person. Shoot me a comment saying you're interested and you're entered. Next week we'll draw, I'll anounce the winner who will then send me thier shipping info through comments, and it will be on it's way.



Lamb said...

Ooooooh! I love books. And give aways. And book give aways!

Gorges Smythe said...

Not for mem thanks; I'm trying simplify! ;-)

Smilin-buddha said...

Would love to have the book. I have pared my collection down and need soem new books to read than pass it on

Grace said...

I've been wanting to read that one for a while.

Ana said...

Hi, I live in England so couldn't expect you to send the book here. However, I want to say thank you for telling me about this book. I've just spent a lovely hour on the net reading about Dolly and Frank etc. Thank you

woodsrunner said...

Ana, you are most welcome. It is an enjoyable book.

OK People. The names of the three interested people got wrote on three pieces of paper. Three kitty treats were placed in Hunter the cats favorite chair with a name covering each.

Lamb, send me some shipping info. Hunter found yours first.

Ana said...

Hi Woods

Just thought you'd like to know that I've bought my own copy of the Dolly Freed book and am enjoying it. Thanks again for the recommendation