Thursday, May 26, 2011

LL Bean comando sweater

This was my belated Christmas gift from my lovely wife which I recieved the end of january. I've been wanting a new one for a while now. I have the real deal, one purchased years ago from a surplus store. The surplus sweater has seen better days however. Several years ago the moths found it leaving several holes. It has also put in many hours on deer stands and in ice fishing shacks, on top of it's former military service. At first I was disapointed with the new one when I found the labels inside that were in chinese. I knew it was imported, but, couldn't help hoping it would be made in a part of the former british empire. Sorry, maybe it's wrong on my part, but, there is a certain snob appeal to a tag that says "Made in New Zealand", Scotland, Australia, etc.  However, I must concede that I found no quality issues with this sweater. Some changes have been made style wise. However the military inspiration is still there.
It's woven just as tightly as the real deal. It's slightly lighter weight than the surplus version. However I still found it warm and comfortable by itself down to temperatures in the high thirties farenheight.

While LL Bean calls the color olive drab it has more of a brown tone than any of my olive color surplus clothes. You can see it above with the Brit military version. As for looks and style, I like it. More important I've been asked about it by several strangers. I've also noticed more than a few admiring glances from the ladies while wearing it. Including one really sharp brunette. Though I'm sure she didn't marry me for my ability to fill out a sweater that she gave me. Yes overall the LL Bean comando sweater gets a thumbs up from me. I may just buy myself another next fall. That one will be in black though.