Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Alexander, NY Steam Show

For many years I've been a fan of steam shows. This year we attended the show in Alexander, NY for the first time. Great fun and it's right in our back yard. If you're the type like us that "lives in a museum", as my stepdaughter puts it, the flea market alone is worth the admission price. You can find anything in these flea markets. Want a cookstove that burns wood, coal, or has electric, yup it was there. Tools to work on just about anything, sure thing, it's there. How about something different to work up the garden and pull a wagon around? Cute little tractor on the trailer should fit the bill. And if the wife gets upset, buy her the purple hit and miss engine behind it. How many of her friends could have a purple engine? She'll be the talk of the garden club. Plan on spending two days there. You'll need one for just the flea market and another for the displays. Most of which are functional and working. This threshing crew worked in spite of the rain. The wet bundles made that old steamer get down and talk to ya! Smell the smoke, watch how much labor it took to feed your grandparents generation, then remember this was a major step up the technology ladder from what they had less than a hundred years before that.

But, remember to keep an eye on your wife. If you don't you might find yourself in the middle of a big cheese caper! But, I'll let her tell you about that.

Keep the weekend after labor day free, and I'll see you there next year.