Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Other Woman

My wife says it's like there is another woman in my life.

Don't worry my friends. I haven't been unfaithful or broken my vows.

The other woman is a gun making town in the Czech republic. So far the other woman has given me three children. The first was an Interarms MarkX in 7x57 mauser with a manlicher style stock, made by CZ for Interarms in 1977. The second child is a Brno VZ24 in 8x57 mauser. A gun that someone in the past put through a sporterization that at best can be described as brutal. Bad enough of a job that the gun has been nicknamed UG (ugly gun). Soon you will see more of her, just as soon as I have gathered up the parts.

Today the other woman sent me my newest child. I have actually saved the money up to buy this gun four times. Two of those times I sold other guns to get the money. All four times some emergency has come up that caused the saved money to be spent. The last event was in november when the car broke down. I had just gotten the price quote minutes before the car broke. When the store I worked for closed in october some of us were offered an extra months severance pay if we stayed long enough to take the store apart. I took them up on it. That check came last friday. I stressed about it over night. I know giving the state of the economy, my health and my age, this may be the last NEW gun I ever buy. I've nicknamed this one "The Understudy". She is the 22LR version of my Interarms deer rifle.
I didn't spend the $60 for CZ made scope rings. While the CZ has 11mm grooves for the scope mounts, I have found windage adjustable 3/8" groove rings have enough adjustment to work on the CZ. I had these rings in my junk box left over from another gun I sold.  The scope is a Deerhunter BSA 2.5X20 shotgun Scope  purchsed off Amazon with gift cards earned through swagbucks. If the weather holds tomorrow we'll see how she shoots.


Lamb said...

Oh, I know that *other woman* all too well here! Her children actually have their own room (well, a closet)and the supplies for them take up another closet.
A new arrival showed up just today, in fact.
I'm not jealous...I get to play with these *children* as well...well, except for one. He's a brute and my Darlin' Man thinks it is best if he handles him....his name is Barrett...

Grace said...

Whoops, I was halfway to my car to drive up there and give you a whooping! Good save.

The other woman in our house is the television. I think I might shoot her!

Gorges Smythe said...

Very nice.

pelenaka said...

Grace, ty for having my back. While hubby has his other woman I have a few fellas S&W 22 pistola.

Grace said...

Pelenaka, my favorite author (Elizabeth Peters)once wrote that a good marriage is a balanced stalemate between equal adversaries. I try to live my life by that.

I have your back, Girl. LMAO.