Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I found a way to get stuff for free

Yes free stuff! I've started getting the parts together for the ugly gun project. I haven't paid one cent out of pocket either yet. If you follow my wifes blog you already know about swag bucks. My wife has been getting things like Coffee, sweetener, creamer, Spam, and buttermilk powder all for free.

Here's how it works. I do all my websearches from the swagbucks site rather than using google. Every search doesn't earn swagbucks they are  awarded randomly. I also take a few seconds to do the daily poll every day, which is worth one swagbuck. After doing the poll I look at the NOSO which gets another 2 points. Then if I have the time I'll do a survey or two. That's where I earn my swagbucks. I've actually gotten 250 swagbucks off a survey though 50-100 is more likely. My wife has found a way to watch swag Tv while doing her household chores, that's where she makes her swagbucks. By now you're asking just how does this amount to free stuff?  Well, you cash in your swagbucks for Amazon gift cards or paypal gift cards. Actually there are many different things you can cash them in for. My wife and I cash in for gift cards though. Now you may ask is it worth it? I earn $25 in Amazon gift cards most months and another $5-$10 in paypal gift cards. I'm spending maybe at most half an hour a day on the swagbucks site not counting searches. Also keep in mind I seldom use my favorites list anymore. Instead I search everywhere I want to go with the swagbucks search engine. Takes very little extra time, and I get paid to go to my favorite websites that way.

Now before I give you the link let me make a truthful disclosure. If you go to the swagbucks site and sign up without my link, it won't be any different than if you used my link, for you. However if you use my link I'll earn matching swagbucks for refering you for your first thousand points. Here's the link.

Now for another truthful disclosure. You will notice the occasional picture that takes you to in my blog now. Yes like many bloggers I've become an Amazon associate. If you click on my picture I will earn credit towards more amazon gift cards if you make a purchase. Here is my promise. I will not put a picture up of any product that I have not personally purchased and found satisfaction with. I will strive to purchase as often as possible American made products. If I can't find an item that is American made I will strive to find the same item made in a country with a standard of living, environmental rules, and quality standards similar to those here in the U.S.  I will only aquire items from China or similar countries after exhausting all other possible avenues.



Tom Stedham said...

Thanks. I signed up thru your link.

woodsrunner said...

Thank you!