Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flatheads Forever!!

Before there was a homesteader.

Long before there was a urban homesteader.

Right about the same time there was a long haired kid hiding out in the woods and fields with a gun or fish pole.

There was a kid hanging out in garages messing with all things with engines. At one point there was a Ford pickup truck that was 25 tears older than me. A truck powered by the most magic of engines.

I just found this video and it took me back in time. Kinda makes me think a 34-39 Ford pickup would fit in my life again



Gorges Smythe said...

I always wanted to be mechanical, but it interfered with my squirrel hunting. (And my fishing, and my horseback riding, and my archery, and my trapping and my camping, and my backpacking, and my.......)

Ed the Pilgrim said...

Gotta love those old engines. Fix anything with a pocketknife, screwdriver, and a 9/16 - 1/2" combo wrench (true, kept a 68 impala running for 8 years with just those...)Most these days wouldn`t know how to set dwell or file a set of points..