Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Water filter update

So far so good! It works,

Water coming out has zero taste. Which is good, because my cities water has a strong chemical odor/taste.

Coffee made with this water has no bitterness. That's another issue with our cities water.

With only one filter candle it is slow however. About 1 liter an hour, When it gets down below 2 liters in the upper bucket it nearly stops dripping. If this became an issue, I would build a second unit rather than add a second filter candle.

For an upcoming project I will show you how I build a rain barrel for under $15.00.
Afterall, who wants to scoop water from puddles.

1 comment:

pelenaka said...

Water tastes good reminds me of bottled, although our city water wasn't that bad. I've had worse.

Thank you for getting this done it's a big load off my mind.