Monday, June 6, 2011

She said it followed her home!

Friday Pelenaka and friend stop at a barn sale out in the country. They found this. She says it just followed her home! I wonder where she learned that?

It looks to be in nice shape. There is more there than I've had in the past. The bad news. The leg on the left that is missing the foot is completely dry rotted.

The good news. Lots ther for a pattern. If you look close the factory pinstriping is still intact.

Look close and you can see the factory stenciling. This leg is dry cracked, but, not rotted. A couple holes with dowels glued in should save this side. The other side will require complete replacement. Things won't match. I will save as much old as possible anyways. After this one I have two waiting in the wings to be done. Including an exact same set of metal parts that I had no patterns for wood. Now I have a pattern in this press.

Some others I've done in the past.



Gorges Smythe said...

The "bucket" or "tub" is the hardest part to make, I think. I've got what's left of a wooden vise that uses the screw from an old press. I don't know whether to rebuild it as a vice or a press. Since I've begun drinking half a glass of wine before bed, I beginning to think "press."

pelenaka said...

hmm u do realize that was the only thing that I bought out in the sticks. I mean there was an awesome bushel sized butter churn that needed your firm hand husband ... if we only has access to raw milk.