Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Some times I think this stuff just finds me!

So, my day starts like this. It's my day off and I'm laying in bed at 8:30 am. I'm listening to the rain fall and staring at the ceiling. A ceiling with very old dirty paint on it. Wouldn't be so bad, but, I painted the walls last summer and Pelenaka has been stripping and staining the woodwork on her days off. So this ceiling is out of place with everything else so nice and clean. Also there is a 2'x10' section that has been primed where I did some repairs. Pelenaka comes in from work and asks what I'm going to do today. "Maybe you should get around to paintting the ceiling" she suggests. And she's right, I hate painting ceilings and it's time to stop procrastinating. It's three days before payday and I have no pocket cash. I head to the bank and get $20.00 for another gallon of primer. Primed it will at least all be clean and white. On payday I'll grab some bright white and second coat it. Until then I need to prime over the dark paint in the hall too. So, that should keep me busy. So, I get my money from the ATM and head out. Worse than painting ceilings is going into work on your day off. Working for a home center has both it's advantages and disadvantages. So, the thrift store is a block from the bank and on the way to work. I was just there last thursday, but, I'm in procrastination mode. I wander about looking for wool clothes. I'm on a kick lately to replace my hunting clothes that are getting worn out. In the background I hear some snobbish woman make a comment about that homemade wood trunk being nasty and who in thier right mind would pay 10 bucks for it, blah blah blah. Homemade is one of those keywords that set me going. I've had a few wooden boxes on my to build list anyhow. Wanting them for camp gear and bug out kits, I head over to check it out. Needless to say when I saw it I headed for the checkout before anybody could recognize the pricing error. It just happens one of those wooden boxes I've had on my to build list, is a camp kitchen. A camp kitchen just like the one I happily paid $10.00 for!
I raced home and put a bunch of enamelware in it(also thrift store/garage sale finds). Pelenaka loved it when she saw it. Last weekend she found a mint condition very early Coleman cooler. The kind that the handle folds up and keeps the lid closed. Her only request is that I fit it with a piece of metal inside the lid. Her idea is a place to work that will be easy to clean. I have a piece of aluminum flashing that should work perfect. Now I suppose I should get around to building the cupboard to match it. Part of my wifes dowry was a late 1960's mongomery ward tent camper. Maybe this year will be it's restoration year.
If that's the case maybe a 1969 Dodge Power Wagon will find me. A red one, stepside, with a white cab roof. Just like the one dad bought new in the fall of 68.


Cedar ... said...

Never go into a thrift store! It always ends up costing me money,.. but I love it. I used to buy and sell for flea markets,.. ran 60' of space at outdoor shows with my camper. Slow days we'd buy from each other. Now THAT was fun! My best find was an autographed photo of Adm. Richard Byrd. ... for $1.00. Yep,.. fun!

scoutinlife said...

Great score on the Camping Box Woodsrunner!

pelenaka said...

So besides the upgrade of flashing on the hinged lid I think your idea about adding a separate compartment on the top for a camp stove is perfect.
IMO those holes on the side might be from a papertowel holder.
Coffee pot is missing from the pic, wasn't it in the blue jean bag along with everything else.
Gotta have a coffee pot!

Anonymous said...

Way cool find - congratulations on your good fortune. My idea of a camping box would be more minmalist, a mid size suitcase table that would have four legs fitting corner gussets made for them. I need a platform more than a container - we don't take many things out there when we spend the night.

Amy ~ 12 Acres said...

That camp kitchen is a great find! I love thrift stores too.