Thursday, March 19, 2009


We had a big break in the weather this past weekend. Combine that with my stepson CJ visiting from Texas. The family needed to get out and play. A trip to Walmart to get CJ and Pelenaka fishing lisences also brought home a cheap box of 550 .22's and a box of Winchester 1 ounce deer slugs. Still short in the length of pull department. There is only one possible word for shooting the $65.00 project gun. That word is PUNISHING! The current buttplate is just a hair under 1" wide and exactly 4" tall. Recoil with slugs is so severe that the screws holding the fore end iron actually tore out of the wood. Upon arrival home I ordered a 1" thick rubber buttplate from gun parts corp and an accraglass kit from Brownells. When I dug up the lead ingot I'm going to weigh it down with I found a lace on sling from an old TC muzzleloader. On a possitive note. The gun has been dropped twice hitting it's front sight both times. The first time was enough to bend the sight slightly. Cosmetics ruined at this point I merely bent it back with a pair of pliers and touched up the anodizing with some site black. I have no doubt that the loctite black max will keep holding for a long time to come. The 9mm chamber insert has been ordered. I am going to have to find some managed recoil type slugs for this gun. My daughters are tough for girls thier age. But, I can't see at this point handing this gun to a 110lb 14 yr old to deer hunt with. I shot it five times saturday while wearing two shirts and a heavy wool hunting coat. Five days later I'm still bruised. I spent enough time at one point behind the butt of a 45/70 to have considered myself intimate with it's recoil. Also sent a few rounds down range with a friends Ruger #1 in 416 Rigby. Niether of those guns dealt anywhere near the recoil as this little 12 bore. Woods


Cedar ... said...

Only one thing I can say,... ouch! I think my dad would have resigned it to the top of the gun rack! Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

The reason that 12 gauge has so much recoil is the large amount of drop between bore and butt. I would suggest finding a Rossi stock that has a comb set up for scope use - sort of H&R Handi-Rifle type of stock.

Having said that, you can't get LIGHT and 12 GAUGE in the same package and expect light recoil - just can't do it.

woodsrunner said...

Never said I expected it to shoot like a 20lb bench gun chambered for .22 short. Just reporting on the progress made so far. Yes, I know the stock is a problem, and it is a upcoming part of the project. The gun only has a 12.5" length of pull, and a butt less than 1" wide. However, if the gun is so frail as to keep breaking parts under it's own recoil, it will be replaced.