Saturday, January 31, 2009

One mans junk is another mans treasure!

This is why I love junk shops! For those that don't know, this is a camp oven. It has legs so you can stand it in a pile of campfire coals, and a dished lid so you can put coals on the top. A person that is good can actualy bake in one of these things. It's not to be confused with a dutch oven, which has a domed lid and no legs. This one has never been used, still has the factory wax coating on it. When I aquired it a week ago it had a broken handle. Which is probably what caused the big 3" long chip in it's lid. Last weekend when my wife Pelenaka and I had a rare weekend off together, we went junk shopping. Last time I looked a 10qt deep camp over was bringing $85.00 + shipping in the mail order catalogs. And shipping would be quite steep, this thing weighs nearly 20lbs. It was right next to the door when we walked in. The chip isn't so bad, there is still some lip there to keep the coals from falling off. It was priced at $20.00, I walked it right over to the counter and told the lady to pack it up, I was taking it, but wanted to look around. The lady promptly informed me they were having a 25% off sale. so it ended up costing $15.00. For $70.00 I think I can live with the chip. The broken handle came out of my blacksmiths shop scrap pile. And this is why I love junk shops!


Amy said...

Wow, that Dutch oven is perfect. What a great find! I love thrift shops too.

woodsrunner said...

Amy, I am probably the cheapest man alive! I live in thrift shops. It's a very rare day when I can't fix it, buy it used, or make it new myself.

Besides like you, Pelenaka and I are kind of retro people. She would just assume the role of 1940's-1960's housewife if she could. While I would take the first time machine back to the 1900-WWII years if I could. I still carry a pocket watch and wear a fedora almost daily. LOL