Thursday, June 16, 2016

New digs and a new life

A quick update for my friends. Hunter the cat and I have wandered our way to Lynchburg, VA. It was an easy choice. For many years I've had an old friend trying to sell me on the idea of VA. I did some research and confirmed what he had been telling me all along. Temps 5-15 degrees warmer than western, NY. More spring, summer and fall, with less winter. Also a much much lower cost of living.

It seems to be a change that agrees with me.  Health issues such as my asthma and allergies aren't bothering me at all. My diabetes seems to be continuing it's path to remission. The only thing bothering me is my arthritic legs when it rains.

There have been a few other changes along the way. A new lady, her 2 young daughters. Another cat and another dog. So far one big happy family. Another 10 months of apartment living and hopefully we will be headed out to the sticks to live.

Life's an adventure again and I love it.


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