Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sadder news!

We are out of wood! The furnace has been turned on for three days now. There is one small pile held in reserve against a storm/power failure. Enough to go maybe three days. The cat is ready to disown me. He's beeen sleeping under the stove for the last three months. Time to start cutting for next year. Pray for an early spring! Woods


Cedar ... said...

ACK! Woods say it isn't so! I no longer can handle the wood so I am running furnace all the time, not good. Start chopping! :)

Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

Oh dear! You will have to accumulate a lot more for next year. Maybe there will be some dried logs in the woods you can use to get through until spring? Something that fell last year leaning off the ground? Dead branches? We picked up piles of broken skids last year and burned those at the end. Some were good hard wood. We planned a bit better this year.

pelenaka said...

Forget the freakin cat your prized possession is cold. Painful lesson to be learned my husband wouldn't you agree?