Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Venison for dinner!

Sunday we put meat on the table without firing a shot! Late sunday afternoon we left the club and stopped at a friends on the way home. He offered us a chance at hunting his private woods. Ealier in the day he had shot a big doe, and was done for the day. Earlier in the day his cousin had shot at another small doe. She ran off and he couldn't find her. As we left the woods we found her. I had a doe tag for that zone so we tagged her and put what we could in the freezer. 3/4 of her was still good so we've got about 15lbs of sausage, 3 big roasts, and the backstraps in the freezer. Having the tenderloins for dinner tonight with wild rice and yams. We also have her hide and the hide from my friends doe. As soon as they are tanned they will become a possibles bag to replace my old one. With what's left I will try and get Pelenaka to sew into a pair of mittens for the sidekick. If there is enough left after that we will make some moccasins. From past experience though I know that even though a hide looks big, once you start cutting it's alot smaller than you think. Woods

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J said...

Wow! Woods...I gotta tell ya, I started reading your blog tonight, cover to cover and I am impressed. I found it to be not only engaging and entertaining, I learned a few things, one of which was how to make your own seeds, I am going to try that, actually with apple seeds as I want to get some trees started. Also enjoyed the posts about the single shot gun project, well done, and many of the other posts too, in fact, I think I read them all. The first post, well that is a keeper, and I like the way you think. I'm a blogger too, although I seldom comment on others, but you somehow moved me to comment on yours. I am impressed. There is something about your writing, and perhaps the wealth of info that you give your readers that is fascinating.
Truly, I enjoyed it, and I am going to give you a plug on my blog, www.thecottagechronicles.com I hope you don't mind.